New music releases for 2020

I’ve been off the WordPress radar for a few months, but happy to report that I’m back in action… hopefully for the long-term.

This year I’ve brought out a new album – Adventures in Time and Space, and two new singles – Ascension, and (deep breath) Infinity; Eternal, Indefinitely, Having No Limit, Endless, Immeasurably or Inconceivably Great or Extensive, Inexhaustible, Subject to No Limitation or External Determination, Extending Beyond, Being Greater Than Any Preassigned Finite Value, Everlasting

Adventures is a concept album, based on my love of space and the universe. If you’re a fan of sci-fi movies you might recognise some of the titles 😉

Ascension is my attempt at writing a piece of music to capture the atmosphere of the ascension of Christ… pretty impossible to achieve to be honest, but I had a go nonetheless 🙂

Infinity (let’s shorten it!) is a new instrumental track, created to take you into other dimensions, into a never-ending world…

Please take a listen via your favourite format, and you’re welcome to post any comments below!

How big is your pot?

Last year we bought a small Sweet Pea plant in a tiny pot. We put it in the garden and watered it regularly, but because it was pot-bound it didn’t flourish and eventually died.

This year we bought a similar Sweet Pea plant, but this time we planted it in a large pot.

The difference was huge – it’s now grown to 5ft with loads of flowers.

So how big is your pot?

Are you making room for future expansion?

Are you framing up a limitless future for yourself?

God has no limitations, so don’t restrict what you can do through Him. So many people live by limitations and restrictions – don’t be afraid to dream BIG and position yourself to make room for an expanding future – however big you dare to dream can you be sure that God is bigger!

New album ‘YHWH – Yod Hey Vav Hey’

YHWH – Yod Hey Vav Hey

YHWH (YOD HEY VAV HEY) is music based on ancient Davidic music,a modern interpretation of David’s methods of singing and playing the Hebrew name of God – the Tetragrammaton or YAHWEH.

This is an instrumental piece, written to encourage you to sing along and immerse yourself in a Davidic and Hebraic atmosphere.

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Help me release more music

2019-02-26 22.02.48

I‘m looking for people to partner with me so that I can release more music and write a book. I have already released music which has proven to have a positive effect on peoples’ lives and the atmosphere, and I’m now looking to increase productivity.

I have started to write a book – working title of ‘The Prophetic Musician’s Guide To The Universe’ – in which I will talk about sound, frequencies, vibrations etc. I will also talk about various tunings with guides for musicians, pose questions to the readers, and much much more.

Please help me by partnering with me, this will enable me to carry on doing all these great things this year and beyond. By partnering with me everyone will benefit from regular new music releases and depending on your level of support you could receive new music in your inbox every month. Partnerships start from as little as $5 a month – every single amount sowed will really help.

Thank you and bless you!

You can check out my Patreon page here:

Transcendence – new solo album out now!


My new solo album Transcendence is out now! Transcendence is one 42 minute track designed to bring peace and relaxation, for meditation, mindfulness and sleep. Digital format only.


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Personalised Prophetic Music



Music has the power to change the atmosphere, change our environment and subsequently change peoples’ lives.

I have been recording music for people in need for many years; people with cancer, in comas, terminally ill, in intensive care, to name a few.

I’m offering to record pieces of music specifically for your circumstances, to help facilitate healing, restoration and peace. The process is treated with the upmost care and respect, and therefore takes much time and effort.

A lot of thought goes into your particular situation; whether in need of healing and restoration, or just needing peace. This process, which I call ‘prophetic alignment’, means that I can connect with heaven’s melodies, frequencies and sounds, tailor-made for your situation. It’s an expression of God’s heart.

Whatever your circumstances, God has a song for you!

Universe – new solo album out now!


My new solo album Universe is out now! Recorded over the past 18 months this is the first album from my Crowdfunder campaign last year. It features tracks recorded in various frequencies: 432, 444, 396, and 417.


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