New music releases for 2020

I’ve been off the WordPress radar for a few months, but happy to report that I’m back in action… hopefully for the long-term.

This year I’ve brought out a new album – Adventures in Time and Space, and two new singles – Ascension, and (deep breath) Infinity; Eternal, Indefinitely, Having No Limit, Endless, Immeasurably or Inconceivably Great or Extensive, Inexhaustible, Subject to No Limitation or External Determination, Extending Beyond, Being Greater Than Any Preassigned Finite Value, Everlasting

Adventures is a concept album, based on my love of space and the universe. If you’re a fan of sci-fi movies you might recognise some of the titles 😉

Ascension is my attempt at writing a piece of music to capture the atmosphere of the ascension of Christ… pretty impossible to achieve to be honest, but I had a go nonetheless 🙂

Infinity (let’s shorten it!) is a new instrumental track, created to take you into other dimensions, into a never-ending world…

Please take a listen via your favourite format, and you’re welcome to post any comments below!

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