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I’m Rob Townley, and I’m a prophetic minstrel. I specialise in prophetic worship; releasing heavenly melodies, frequencies and sounds. I call this “Releasing the frequencies of David”.

There is a new sound that is being released, it’s a new sound for a new dawn. A new season of prophetic worship is here… releasing people and giving them the freedom to worship and express themselves without the constraints of over-familiar songs and structures.

My approach is to ‘throw away the songbook’, and let people sing their own melodies.

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2 thoughts on “about me

  1. Bobbie Clarizio November 30, 2015 / 8:09 pm

    you are of my Tribe 🙂 The Frequency of Heaven
    There is a Holy sound, the Sound of Heaven!
    There is a super natural multi-frequency that roots out every bit of leaven!
    Hulda Clark caught a glimpse and so did Darwin
    There is a super natural selection that reflects the blueprint of heaven
    There is a sound that resonates throughout eternity
    It is the sound of My Spirit. It is the sound of Me!
    The sound of God, of all I Am. It’s the song of love I sing
    The sound of perfect alignment, perfect pitch, perfect everything.
    Everything that exists has a sound.
    Just because u can’t hear it, doesn’t mean it’s not all around
    Beyond the cell, beyond what man has yet been able to comprehend or see
    There is a Blueprint, a Holy frequency
    There is also a discord, parasites seeking a host
    A demon without a body is just a ghost
    A spiritual parasite, a dissonant tone
    An ungodly sound looking for a home
    I’m talking about chaos, brokenness and sin!
    I’m telling you secrets about the shape you and your planet are in
    You must realign all that is to My frequency
    I’m trying to open the eyes of men to see
    What I need you to do to set My planet free
    You are My Ambassadors of My victory
    I’ve chosen you to execute redemptions plan
    Beginning with Jesus and extending to every man
    The sound of salvation; turning evil into good
    Bringing life from death, just like I planned I would
    From before time, I chose Earth to birth My Bride
    To unfold the plan of Love’s redemption, from who I Am inside
    Now I’ve come full circle, it’s time for all to see
    That Love is the song I sing, that sustains all eternity
    Every note is a divine frequency. Every note is Me. Do you see?
    We must realign time and space to My frequency .So every note is Me
    Reflected harmony, for all eternity
    I’ve chosen My people to complete My plan
    The Beloved and the beloved, Loves completed plan, through man,
    My holy plan, Free to love Me. Free to be who I Am
    There is no fear in Love, no shadow, no sin
    Where you must go, is where you’ve never been
    You must find the sounds that root out sin
    There are frequencies of good and frequencies of evil
    Look for My perfect pitch, to purge out the weevil
    I have selected My perfect people to prevail
    Satan tried to take My place, and that created Hell!
    But it’s all part of My plan.
    Love for all eternity, perfected through man!
    Love is my mandate. Love is who I Am!
    Copywrite 2008 ascribed through Bobbie Clarizio

    Resonant Resolution

    Resonant resolution, resound to the Holy sound
    Proclaim My word over the earth, take back My ground
    With resolve, be resolute. I’m using you to turn things around
    To dial in my frequency, and call things into focus
    To clear the air and stop the sound of Satan’s hocus-pocus
    Things on earth are all out of balance, like having double vision
    Full of discord, dissonance and derision
    Out of plumb, out of kilter, multi system failure
    Chemical imbalance, mental confusion,. Earth on an asthma inhaler
    Gasping for breath, the Earth’s grasping and travailing
    Line upon line, pixel upon pixel, My word is prevailing
    My blueprint, my plan, instituted by me through man
    Adam sinned the world broke, but redemption was always My plan
    Chaos and confusion at the core, at the molecular level
    To pervert and malign was the plan of the devil
    But the earth shall resign with My glory, as the waters cover the sea
    I will speak and work through my people to set my planet free
    To breath new life into my creation, and turn wrong to right
    Jesus loves the little children; they’re all precious in His sight.
     He will cause the blind to see and give them divine light
    He will redeem, restore and deliver, dawning day from night
    He will do this through His people by His holy might
    It will shake the planet and give people quite a fright
    The Earth will reel, the sky will peel, with vapors fire and smoke
    The devil and the demons will surely gasp and choke
    But I will have My picture perfect Earth, My picture perfect planet
    It will develop according to plan, exactly like I command it!
    I am the King of Kings, the ruler of all that is
    Satan can’t keep the earth because it is not his
    It was purchased by the shed blood of Jesus; my only begotten Son
    You haven’t seen anything yet, resolution has just begun
    Soon the big picture will be plain for all to see
    My perfect earth, my perfect plan, my perfect people and Me!
    You ain’t seen nothing yet! Just wait till you see
    What I have in store for you, A PICTURE PERFECT ETERNITY! WITH ME!

    Copy write 2012  Scribed through Bobbie Clarizio

    S blissful to find you brother


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    • robtguitar November 30, 2015 / 8:43 pm

      Amazing lyrics thanks Bobbie. So pleased to have met you 🙂


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