“That guitarist is really anointed…”
Wendy Alec, GOD TV

“I just can’t stop listening to Heaven Sonic. Thanks!”

“That CD…….wow! It put me in some zen like mode, I walked out of my house and was locked out for a couple of hours. I forgot my key!!!”

“You have a gift! I can see it in your eyes & hear it in your voice in your presentation! I’ve heard the sound of heaven in your music…”

“Rob Townley – awesome in Cardiff. What a gift you are. If you haven’t heard this guy play guitar yet, you’re missing an amazing experience.”
Mr D

“I had a missionary friend from Uganda stay with me recently for a couple of days. We decided to have church at home on the Sunday morning. During that time I felt the Lord say to play your “Heaven’s Sonic” CD as we soaked in the presence of the Lord. I had a few minutes before read out loud Psalm 148 from TPT headed up “The cosmic chorus of Praise”. As your music played I started to hear this cosmic praise of God’s creation – the stars, the sun and moon and so much more – a parade of heavenly praise. It was amazing. I knew the stars etc made music but I’d never heard it before. I was so thrilled and excited.

And there’s more! She actually was lifted up into the heavenlies and found herself standing on the stars and jumping from one to another.She was so thrilled as she had never experienced anything like it. So we were two very ecstatic women of God! As she was going back to Uganda very soon, I gave her your CD. She was thrilled.
Mrs T

“You Rob are receiving a new sound from Heaven and it is going to take us to places in worship that we have not been to before. We will have an entire dependency on Him to worship in spirit and truth. A shifting of the spirit into a place of ecstasy in His presence.  Our hearts touching His heart and His heart touching ours. Our spirit becoming one with His spirit. Deep calling unto deep.  Him catching us up in His passion for us. We will be so profoundly moved by His awesomeness, we will not have any words, but a sense of His holiness will cause us to be still.”

“I bought your CD “Heaven Sonic”, which I find very powerful prophetically. I met with two friends in  my home recently and we listened to the first fifteen minutes.We stepped out of our souls and into the spirit realm to hear all that God had to say to us.  We all  heard Him and were very thrilled.”
Mrs O

“Wonderful melodies…”
Kevin Prosch

“It’s a fantastic piece of music, well done! :))”
Pete Maher, mastering engineer for : U2, Jack White, The Killers, The Rolling Stones, Damien Rice, Linkin Park, Beady Eye, Snow Patrol, Goldfrapp, Nicole Scherzinger, Katy Perry, Scissor Sisters, Depeche Mode, Universal, Sony Music, Mastered For iTunes. Endorsed by Waves Audio Plugins And Hardware. Nominated for the MPG Mastering Engineer Of The Year Award 2014.

“I heard The beginning of creation – the dawn of time – hints of God’s Glory.
His desire to communicate Himself to every part of His creation that He is bringing into being.
Colours accelerating from tentative pale to ever increasing intensity – swirling mist and clouds reaching upwards breaking into the ceiling of Heaven. Increasing aspirations to glory progressing towards that Heaven of Heavens ever upwards, swirls and waves – rainbow colours – soft waves of enfolding love lifting upwards. Legions of angels stretching into infinity – holiness – mystery – leading up to glory to the Sapphire floor where Moses and the elders sat. And all the time the soft pealing of bells.”
Mrs C

“I saw/heard water tumbling over a waterfall.
Swans gliding over a lake.
Vision of the dead being resurrected to join Jesus in the air.
Picture of a bouncy castle and Jesus inviting me to come and bounce with Him.
Heard a voice saying “Bring more jars so that oil will flow and fill every empty vessel.
Sound of church bells tolling all over Britain celebrating the arrival of Jesus.
A picture of the media interviewing me and asking how I took these photographs of planets when I haven’t done any space travel. I replied that I captured these images of the planets and heavenly bodies by travelling in the spirit.”
Mrs N

“I saw myself flying to the music of Heaven.
Then I saw many Christians being drawn up to Heaven.
Heard bells ringing – a proclamation of the wedding feast of the Lamb.
God vibrating in His people.
An organ playing in celebration of the bride arriving.
God searching our hearts to release His worship.”
Mrs J

“My husband came home from work supastressed!! I made him a cuppa, lit a candle and put Heaven Sonic on and confiscated his iphone. I sat him in lounge and within 2 mins he was completely flopped. I think he appreciated the simplicity of it… meanwhile God zapped him !”

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